Friday, 10 July 2015

My Model Citizens

This is my Big Chex to Cash, who I call "Cash". Inventive, I know. I bought him in 2011 after some saving up. I fell in love with his colour and markings. He was my first ever Traditional. He's sporting a very old Breyer bridle that predates him by a good few years. He wore this bridle and sat on a shelf alone in my bedroom for almost four years.

I love, love, love his blue eye. If anything it makes him extra photogenic.

A few months ago I took the plunge and bought SBH Phoenix, and I call him "Phoenix" - and I know, imagination, much? Anyway, he his beautiful. It helps his case that he's a heavy horse, as those are by far my favourites. It's my farming background, I guess. I've always had an interest in how farming used to be done. I watched my dad's VHS tapes of old farming methods very often.

Within a week I had also bought this strapping young man:

I love Gypsy Vanners too. I'm a sucker for heavy feathering. He didn't have a name, and "Gypsy" simply didn't suit him. I wanted to call him something like "Dancin' Shoes" because he's clearly having a bit of a dance about. After some thought I settled for "Brogue", a word associated with Ireland and shoes. I think it suits him well.

After Brogue there was a bit of a lull... and then I won a £30 Amazon voucher from my camera club. What to buy, what to buy...

...Am I that obvious? I've admired this mould since its "O'Leary's Irish Diamond" days (I wanted that horse so much), so when I saw Trooper, there was no question about it.

So thanks for the free model, camera club!

Now you've met my collection. And seen all of my photos. I'd better go take some more!

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