Monday, 5 October 2015

Best of Irish

When I first saw the Best of British Irish Draught, I knew it was a must-have! But I had to wait until I'd achieved something before I got it. That is my new rule: I must achieve something before I can spend money on a horse. The achievement that allowed me to purchase this horse was completing fifteen days of pet sitting.

So this is Liam, the Irish Draught:

He is a beautiful, rich shade of chestnut with some fantastic shading.

His eyes are his best feature - just look at them! Breyer should paint all of the horses' eyes like that.

When I brought him inside his eyes came to life.

Beautiful boy!


  1. Beautiful photography! I'm getting him for Christmas :)

  2. He is gorgeous! I hope to add him to my herd eventually... I really like his eyes. :)