Thursday, 1 October 2015

Black & Blue

I am loving Breyer's Best of British series. When I saw the set with the Shire horse and Corgi dog, there was no question that I would end up with one. I was disappointed with the paintjob on the Corgi - his tongue wasn't even painted pink! The model horse, however, is beautiful, stands surprisingly sturdily considering the position he's in, and did I mention he's beautiful?

He is flawless - I love him! I've called him Thor, because he needed a brave, strong name. Thor reminds me of a Shire from a set of British Breeds Stablemates that was released in 2010, I think it was. He's black too, with dapples, and little silver shoes. Here he is, standing up to a Dalek:

In my head they are best friends. They stand together on a shelf in my room, together with the cheeky Dalek. At first Thor and little Prince were scared of the Dalek. Thor was always steering Prince away from danger.

I love this mould so much. I would conga it in a heartbeat.

Prince is my favourite Stablemate - he is the only one I have on display. I like his eye whites, and his dapples, and his cuteness.

It took a while, but now Thor, Prince and the Dalek are besties. Follow the leader, Abbey Road style...

Between a rock and a hard place (or a hoof and a Dalek):

Now the gang is ready to save the universe (my room) from evil!

(And you may be asking, "Why?" Well, I wanted to take photos of my lovely new Breyer horse, and I thought my photos were getting a bit samey - time to be unpredictable! I looked around my room for inspiration. I was already going to take photos of Thor and Prince together, but then I realised that my little Dalek had something in common with both of them. For one thing, his colours, and for another, you can't get more British than good old Doctor Who. I went out just as the sun was going down, and that's why the lighting changes as this post goes on. Pretty, isn't it? I've got another Best of British model to photograph yet. Photos soon!)

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