Sunday, 23 August 2015

British (Heavy) Horsepower

I recently made the decision to restrict my model horse buying to either ponies or heavy horses since those are the two groups of breeds I find the most interesting, so the Breyer Stablemates British Draught and Pony set was right up my street. Plus it had a Suffolk Punch in it. So how could I not?

I unearthed a pair of my model tractors to act as props. The period after the Second World War, through to the Sixties, is the time of farming history I find most fascinating. Horses still played a major part in the day to day work on the farm, but were being squeezed out by tractors. Soon the horses were gone altogether. It makes me sad that there isn't a draught horse on every farm anymore.

The Clydesdale from the set, which I have decided will be a Shire.

The Suffolk Punch, my favourite horse breed.

The Shetland Pony is adorable.

And last but not least. the Highland Pony.

I had some fun with the tractors too. For those who may not know (and how could you not?), the Ferguson TE20:

And this one I call simply; Shades of Brown: Chesnut, David Brown, Bay and Skewbald.

I've had these tractors for approximately ten years, maybe more, maybe less. I was surprised how well they looked considering how much I played with them. You could say they are vintage in their own right!

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  1. Ooh, I ADORE Suffolk Punches! My dream Breyer is Cedarfarm Wixom in standard chestnut as a Suffolk Punch mare