Friday, 1 April 2016

Back on Form

Not to worry, I haven't forgotten about this blog! Life's been pretty hectic lately with lambing and bad Northern Irish weather getting in the way of my model horse photography. So allow me to make a few introductions...

This is Carltonlima Emma (or Emma, for short):

I got her as a present for my 21st birthday. She is very adorable - but then I am a sucker for fluffy native ponies. It was fun to just take photos of the little details in her mould.

She even has a wonderful little beard.

I also love how her mane covers one of her eyes. It all adds up to a very adorable little pony.

The only other model purchase of this year has been this chap, a Schleich Frisian stallion. I was watching a BBC Musketeers marathon when he arrived, so he's called Athos.

Horses that are just standing, I find, are easier to photograph because they look good from every angle.

Here he is with his friend Aramis:

I had the horses and ponies standing on a book (Equus by Tim Flach) on my bed while I lit them with a torch. This was for my camera club's challenge of taking a macro photograph. I've been waiting forever to have an excuse to take photos of my herd for camera club, and at last I have one.

Prince the Stablemate Shire was very macro indeed.

I couldn't resist, however, taking Phoenix's photograph. He's my favourite model of all.

My goal with these shots was to show form, and I think I've achieved that. Hopefully the gap between this and my next post won't be so large.

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  1. What beautiful photos! Emma is adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing the mould in other colours/coats in the future. And I LOVE the idea of naming the Freisians after Musketeers: now all you need is Porthos and D'Artangan :)