Monday, 11 April 2016

New Toys

Recently at camera club, someone brought in a trio of lens extension tubes. To cut a long story short, I thought they would be very useful for tiny horse photography and as they cost only £13, it would be foolish of me not to buy a set.

I started off with a handful of tiny models on the kitchen table. This is my favourite Stablemate Highland Pony, because of her more realistic eyes and rich dun colour.

A Papo Border Collie:

Thinking I was starting to get the hang of this, I fetched an old Breyer box and used it as a background. Little Stormy, who I haven't yet photographed properly, was up first.

Another Highland - I told you I liked them! This one is from the same Stablemate gift set as Prince.

I love how the ponies of this mould always seem to be smiling. So sweet.

Getting everyone together...

Upping the stakes, we go even smaller, to my favourite Mini Whinnie...


The macro rings are great fun. Before I felt a bit limited because I couldn't take good headshots, but nothing in ze world can stop me now!

And to finish, a rare behind the scenes shot...

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